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Shanghai Yabo Metal Surface Treatment (Technology) Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of electrolytic polishing equipment, environmentally friendly electrolytic polishing liquid, electrolytic polishing processing, mechanical polishing and pickling passivation. The mature technology enterprise of metal surface treatment can complete the surface problem of various types of products with high quality. The technology of exquisite technology and equipment can meet the technical requirements of products in various industries. Since its creation, it has been well received by customers in various industries. We will continue to innovate as Our customers provide better service. Our aim: to survive by quality, rely on credibility and development, to better quality, shorter delivery period, more favorable prices for you.

Electrolytic polishing processing can meet the technical requirements of various industries such as: medical equipment, electrical products, food, chemical equipment, auto parts, etc. Electrolytic polishing can make the surface of the product bright and clean and can effectively protect the metal against corrosion. It is an ideal metal surface treatment process. In terms of polishing, relying on its own professional background and unique processing technology, it can fully meet the requirements of various occasions for smoothness, so that your products are more face-to-face, and meet the requirements of the national FDA and JMP. .

All the metal surface treatment technologies of our company have been independently researched and developed, and after many experiments, we have cooperated with major universities all the year round. Research and development, new metal surface treatment technology. Laboratory of Military Engineering Road Campus, University of Shanghai. East China University of Technology, Minhang Laboratory.

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