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    Latest metal surface treatment technology
    Electrolytic de-polishing equipment, polishing processing, mechanical polishing and electropolishing, pickling and passivation, etc.; metal surface treatment, can complete all types of products with high quality, first-class equipment exquisite technology can meet the technical requirements of various industries, since its inception We are highly praised by customers in various industries, and we will continue to innovate to provide better service to our customers. Our aim: to survive by quality, to develop by reputation, to serve you with the best quality, the fastest delivery time and the lowest price.Electrolytic polishing processing can meet the technical requirements of various industries. For example: medical equipment, electrical products, food, chemical equipment, auto parts, etc. Electrolytic polishing can make the surface of the product bright and clean, and can effectively protect the metal against corrosion. It is an ideal one. Metal surface treatment process. In terms of polishing, relying on its own professional background, coupled with unique processing technology, it can fully meet the requirements of various occasions for smoothness, so that your products are more face-saving, and meet the national level, FDA And JMP. Requirements, through ROSH certification.All the metal surface treatment technologies of our company have been independently researched and developed, and after many experiments, we have cooperated with major universities all the year round. Research and development, new metal surface treatment technology. Laboratory of Military Engineering Road Campus, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. East China University of Technology, Minhang Laboratory.
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    Stainless steel electropolishing equipment, environmentally friendly, universal permanent polishing syrup
    1. Electropolishing definition   Electrolytic polishing is also known as electrochemical polishing. The workpiece to be polished is an anode insoluble metal as a cathode. The two poles are simultaneously immersed in the electrolytic cell, and a direct current is generated to generate a selective anode dissolution, thereby increasing the brightness of the surface of the workpiece.2, the principle of electropolishingThe principle of electrolytic polishing mainly has the theory of mucosa as the basic theory. The theory is mainly: the metal ions detached from the workpiece and the phosphoric acid in the polishing solution form a phosphate film adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece. The mucosa is thinner at the convex portion, and the concave portion is thicker because the current density at the convex portion is high. The dissolution is fast, the mucous membrane flows, and the irregularities are constantly changing, so that the rough surface of the workpiece is gradually leveled.3, electropolishing characteristics(1) The color inside and outside is consistent, the gloss is long-lasting, and the recess that can not be thrown by mechanical polishing can be leveled.(2) High production efficiency and low cost.(3) increase the surface corrosion resistance of the workpiece4 can remove the burr on the surface of the part5. The surface of the workpiece after electrolysis is not easy to form garbage and breed bacteria.Environmentally friendly general electrolyte features1. The polishing solution does not contain chromium ions, which meets the current environmental protection requirements, saves investment in environmental protection equipment and low cost of wastewater treatment; can pass ROSH certification2. The polishing current density is small, the voltage is low, and the power consumption is more than 1 times lower than the conventional process;3, high polishing efficiency, good quality, can be thrown to the mirror bright effect within a few minutes;4, the polishing fluid has a long service life and is easy to maintain and manage.
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